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The biggest mistakes high school kids make

This is a very delicate time for your kids. They are not that young anymore, they are starting to become adults and school definitely isn’t something they want to attend. We want to alert you to potential problems you may occur when your kid goes to high school. We know it is not easy for you.…

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Blind man’s walk

Children who do not go out and play outdoor games become very lethargic and obese and are prone to many diseases like diabetes. This is really becoming a point of concern in today’s generation. They need to go out and play more often and stay physically fit. Outdoor games act as stress busters…

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Freeze Tag

Main concern for any parent today is lack of physical activity in children. They do not want to venture out as there are more interesting devices like video games, play stations, televisions etc holding them back at home. It is the need of the day to pull them out of the home and make them play in…

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Classy old Hide and Seek

We all have played Hide and seek when we were young. Nowadays kids are getting interested in playing more of indoor games and video games. It is very important to stimulate them towards outdoor games as it not only stimulates minds but also are physically invigorating. In Hide and Seek, you need to…

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Scavenger Hunt

It is very important to involve children in new outdoor games often, to increase their interest in going out and playing. Scavenger Hunt game is an interesting game for children 4 years and above. Here, a list is prepared and given to children to go and pick up some items outside the house, like…

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